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 by copman
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1 decade ago by copman


We are proud to announce the release of SUPERJACK!

our blog:

the game:


any feedback or question is very welcome!

Best Regards

1 decade ago by mrminh

Hi, How do you make your graphics. It's so nice.

1 decade ago by lachsen

Nice game, very professional.
And I love this music. :D

1 decade ago by copman


Thank you very much for your feedback!

what do you mean? the tiles, the backgrounds, the models?
- we used 3d-Models and rendered them to 2d
- most of the background-tiles are handdrawn, others where strong modified textures

- the full version(Windows Store) has 12 tracks, all of the same quality!

Best Regards

1 decade ago by copman


SUPERJACK is "certified" now and available on the Windows Store!
SuperJack on Windows Store

The full version comes with 25 Levels and 12 awesome music-tracks...

Best Regards

1 decade ago by parcifal

so cool!
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