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1 decade ago by vaughanknight

It's been up for a month now but impact was leveraged for

1 decade ago by Ken

Ha! Very cool. Interesting take on the Z-Type demo. Were you guys inspired by that game or was this in development before that? Either way good work! Very slick, but man I have to listen to a wider selection of music. :)

1 decade ago by fugufish

was able to load it on Chrome 11, but then it somehow keeps forcing me to leave the page ( i suspect some URL to some band)

awesome graphics btw!

1 decade ago by BFresh

Cool! I have no audio where I am which makes this game kinda hard to play but I see the idea, I'll actually play it later!

1 decade ago by vaughanknight

Z-Type was something we showed the client, and they liked the idea. We had a lot of ideas, but they wanted a game that helped people match artists to music. We had a lot of fun putting it together. Towards the end a lot of the code wasn't really using Impact, but it was Impact that let us prototype everything so easily.

fugufish - You might be going to another page if you hit backspace to delete characters. We found that when the game is pushing the computer, backspace doesn't get trapped and the browser goes back anyway. Frustrating. It shouldn't be taking you to other pages, and I'm confident we were testing in chrome 11. Possibly something we missed.

We found that IE9 tended to work best, it had a 25 track issue we could work aorund, chrome came in 2nd but had a 100 track issue we couldn't work around. Opera was also arguably 2nd, it was just so stable compared to anything else. Firefox was the worst performer, and lack of mp3 support on a music site made it our least favourite. Re-encoding an entire sites content into ogg made us almost dump Firefox as content licensing may not have permitted it. In the end though we used ogg in Firefox.

One of the things we did was use WOFF fonts. It has it's issues (non consistent font rendering across each canvas implementation), but made it easy to get slick looking text. For small text though I recommend using normal impact font support, as Firefox renders small fonts terribly.
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