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1 decade ago by gamemaker


I started to code a game using Impact, and I just wanted to show you the first screens :)
=> game_wip

So far, I really enjoy coding with Impact!

By the way, I create my graphics with ProMotion, and I needed a bridge between PM and Weltmeister, so I coded a tool for that: please see this topic for more details.
I hope you'll find this tool useful.

(on my website, you'll also find a previous game I coded in Java: it's a puzzle game, with worldwide ranking! Feel free to try!)

1 decade ago by TylerAppmobi

Nice, I like the way you divided up the levels.

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

I'd like to see your code for changing levels and having the character start at the right spot when he comes through. Not difficult to figure out, but I'd like to see your solution.

Interesting what you did with ProMotion and the tool to export from it.

1 decade ago by Hareesun

Hate to be the guy to tell you this, but you should really Bake your game before putting it on a live server and sharing the link. Here's the tutorial on doing so - Baking Tutorial

1 decade ago by gamemaker

Thank you for your feedback.

@Hareesun: yes, I'll bake my game (at the moment, the game is pretty fast to load, and the code isn't secret)

@stahlmanDesign: sure ; here's my code:


	MyGame = ig.Game.extend
		// my game's global vars
		player: null,
		playerScreenStartPosX: null,
		playerScreenStartPosY: null,
		// end

/* override the default level-loader to set the player's new starting coords (depends on each level!) */
		loadLevel: function(data)	

		        // get the player
			this.player = this.getEntityByName('myHero');	// also ok: "this.getEntitiesByType(EntityPlayer)[0];"		

		        // update starting coords with fresh infos
			if ((this.playerScreenStartPosX) && (this.playerScreenStartPosY))
				this.player.pos.x = this.playerScreenStartPosX;	
				this.player.pos.y = this.playerScreenStartPosY;

And when the player collides with my exit triggers (levelexit entities), I just do:
" = levelexit.nextStartX" and " = levelexit.nextStartY" (these values are initially set in Weltmeister as entities' properties, for each exits).

Hope it may help people who try to do the same.

1 decade ago by Hareesun

@gamemaker - It's not about your code being secret as such, it's about how easy it is for someone who hasn't bought Impact to come along and download all of the Impact files. :)

1 decade ago by gamemaker

Ok! You're right! I baked my game.

I uploaded a little update of my WIP: it's now using some plugins/snippets freely available around :)

- clok's Color Picker plugin for filling the background (see the result here)

- stahlmanDesign's Ladder entity (early wip with the ladder: atm, there's only one useless ladder which is kinda secret/invisible by the way ;) ... but it works, so I know how to use ladders now).

and - SnakePlissken's HealthBar entity (early wip with this one, too!)

Many thanks to the respective authors, and I highly recommend all of these plugins/snippets!

1 decade ago by gamemaker

just a quick message to tell you that today I've added a visual thing I wanted for the game: clouds as a moving background. I'm pretty happy with the result :)

(ps: the game is still in a very-early "wip" stage, so you can't collect the keys you see, atm)

1 decade ago by gamemaker

Today, I've added mobile platforms in my game (they aren't all useful, by the way ; some of them are just here for demo purpose).

And don't waste time trying to grab the keys you see: you still can't, and thus, doors are still locked, too ;)

1 decade ago by paulh

if you find a fix for the "bounce" when you get to the top of a platforms path, please let us know :-)

1 decade ago by gamemaker

when I fix this, I'll post my solution (atm, I didn't search at all)
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