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1 decade ago by Jib

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Hello dear ImpactJs fellas,<br />
<br />
We just released the public demo of our game today. It's quite exciting to have something publicly available after so much time!<br />
<br />

Basically you're a brand new startuper and you have to find money to make your project come true. Pay attention, VCs aren't nice guys...
The main idea of the game is "DON'T LOSE TIME" (and everything makes you lose time, so pay attention).
Of course you need to avoid enemy fire, pay attention to your resources (share and money) and... finding that mysterious artifact would be rather cool :)

You lose when your timer reaches 0 days or when you have no more shares of your own startup.

You can find the pitch plus more information on the main site.

Feed back welcome, a Facebook like would be cool and posting your highscore is not mandatory but... HEY... it's a game!
By the way, we're using Scoreoid, which proved super cool and we are saving score for signed players (the leaderboard display is coming tomorrow).

And don't hesitate if you have questions of course!

1 decade ago by copman

Well, what do say.....

The graphics are beautiful, the overall look is great.

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

Interesting game. I am very used to enter being the interact button vs control. Control key is in a weird place on the keyboard and its less easy to press.

1 decade ago by trawen

not work in opera mobile on android!

(freezed on progress bar)

1 decade ago by trawen

ha-ha, and not work on abdroid browser!

1 decade ago by dungeonmaster

Just played. The quality is quite good and I liked the idea that time=hp. Controls are fluid, no major glitches or bugs.

For the tutorial triggers (x to jump), maybe you can delete them once they are triggered. Also the music becomes somewhat boring after a few minutes. The suits talk way too much :)

1 decade ago by Jib

@trawen > we didn't take care about the mobile version but we did some tries and fixing the loading is just nothing, the real problem is having good controls when it's loaded :)
It's not really on our priority list, I think we will finish, polish and see how everything goes before spending some time on the mobile (but I guess we should add a nice message instead of just crashing!)

@dungeonmaster > Thanks! Yes, we still have lots of polish on the first steps, it's key to keep players attached. The music and FX are open source placeholders, there pretty nice but I agree with you, at some point they are boring.
Most of the VC's are trying to get you by using awful explanations :D
I think we might try other fonts and sizes to improve readability though.

Thanks for your feedback guys!

1 decade ago by SlotGamer

Very impressive. Gameplay is fluid. Graphics are nice. Great job!
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