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8 years ago by Ash_Blue

For my game there are several scenes that require 2d cinematics. Such as characters moving to certain locations, changing behaviors, activating speech bubbles. Hard coding these into the game is obviously a horrible idea. Is there something out there to help? I'm doubtful, but I thought I'd ask.

If nothing already exists out there, I'll write a simple stand alone HTML5 app. My thought is it would allow you to upload an ImpactJS map. Then use a timeline to position players, camera, and set other commands. Data could be exported via JSON so you could implement it in your programming however you want. Then again maybe this isn't the best way to go about this.

Thoughts and feedback would be extremely useful.

8 years ago by Datamosh

Not exactly what you want, but maybe can you help planning something new from this code:

I used it successfully for several short intros.

8 years ago by Ash_Blue

Thanks Datamosh, I love behavior based programming (used your plugin as inspiration to role a variation of it a few months ago). I'm one of those guys who likes to build visual tools for maximum flexibility in my projects. All the conversations, questlines, items, and other things we have are hooked up to a CMS. Want to do the same for cinematics so I can visually go in and change things. Or create new ones without opening code. There is a good chance too that some non-programmers will be working with this tool.

I've been talking with some people this tool sounds very doable with ember.js and a slightly abstract timeline tool.
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