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10 years ago by bea

Someone know how to include admob on impactJS game?

9 years ago by Nitin

hi bea where you able to do this? I too need the same for iOs and Android

I found this for iOS, couldn't yet test it though

8 years ago by floatinghotpot


You need pack the HTML5 game into a cordova app, using cordova CLI, or using Intel XDK to build the APK/IPA in clould.

If you are still looking for some AdMob plugin, may try this one:

Check the README and example code.

It's recommended by Intel XDK, read:

8 years ago by Donzo

I found this to be a fantastic solution:

It's just a fork of Ejecta with all of the AdMob internals plugged in.

The Google Ads are less resource intensive and it's a snap to throw up the interstitial ads with this build.
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