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1 decade ago by James333

What would I need to change if I want to use this engine to develop android apps as well? Using the js, and html5 as standard coding, but what in the engine would I have to change? Any recommendations?

1 decade ago by fugufish

two ways

appMobi -> search the forums for this keyword


appcelerator Titanium

1 decade ago by Ken

Hey James, I'm doing this right now with my game actually. There are three main things you need to do:

1. Size your game correctly - Make sure your game board size is formatted for the mobile screen. Check out

2. You will have to optimize your code - A game that runs smooth on your PC may run pretty choppy on a mobile device if you don't take a couple steps to optimize it. I would recommend to just type in "mobile" into the forum search and you will get several great tips. Check out and the mobile section under the DOCS page for all the details.

3. Install Appmobi and check out their Game Dev section - I have tried out the other options out there and Appmobi is the easiest to use and has the slickest UI and a good API.

1 decade ago by James333

Thanks Fugufish....And Awesome Info Ken! I appreciate the both of you!

1 decade ago by fugufish

also, the guys at appMobi are quite active in our forums! TylerAppMobi is one

1 decade ago by TylerAppmobi

I try to get on these forums at-least once a day :D

And James333, We are making a getting started video tutorial today about how to install appMobi and make your first app.

I'll post the link here for you when it's finished
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