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8 years ago by coreysnyder

I made the mistake of building too high up. So now I have entities which fly above 0 on the y axis. and when this happens, they freeze in place. Almost like the code breaks once something gets outside the level. Is there a way to extend the world up to say.. -30px instead of 0? Otherwise I'm going to have to scratch everything and rebuild much lower on the grid.

8 years ago by StuartTresadern

You could edit the level files which may be the fastest way.

Open up the level files and for each layer in the level increase the height by the number of tiles required and add in a new row of 0's at the start of each layer array * the amount you added to the height.

You will then need to reposition all your entities in the editor.

8 years ago by coreysnyder

Damn, I was hoping there might be an easier way. Maybe a batch file. That sounds like a quick way to corrupt my level. Plus my editor freaks out due to the insane size of the file.

8 years ago by fulvio

Considering that your levels are large in size, have you thought about implementing procedural levels? There's a great example in the Drop source code.

I realize it may not be what you're after, but depending on the complexity of your levels it might be easier in the long run.

8 years ago by jizaymes

if you're doing this in weltmeister, you can select all of the tiles and paste them down a few tiles. you'll have to do it on every layer and it can be a total pain but its possible to do with a little tedious mouse work :) In some cases I've added an alignment tile in the upper left so its easier to ensure things are in the same spot when moving.
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