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6 years ago by DangerousDave

Right, so I last posted about this issue 2 years ago (it's been a while!), but on my return to ImpactJS and Weltmeister, i've hit this same issue and it's like a brick wall.

Basically, as soon as I open and start using Weltmeister new collision layers are automatically being created. I can't delete them through Weltmeister and they quickly pile up. In a couple of minutes i'll have around 20 collision layers. The longer I ignore them, the quicker they appear. The last time I used this engine (2 years ago) I had level script with thousands of layers and tens of thousands of lines of code. It builds up faster than I can delete them from the script.

I'm not sure what exactly is causing the issue, but it's pretty much making this engine/level editor completely unusable.

I currently use Uniserver to host my game files, which I test primarily in Chrome. The scripts are also edited in Komodo Edit 10.

What confuses me most of all is that I back up all these files. I have the original game files stored in one location and I copy those files over to the 'www' files on Uniserver. I strictly load the files i've copied into Uniserver on Weltmeister, but the original files are also being altered somehow. In fact, i've made multiple back ups and they all end up being effected to some extent.

Has anybody else had this issue? It's the most bizarre thing I think i've ever seen. This issue is strictly related to levels i've loaded into Weltmeister. Otherwise, all other game related files remain unchanged.

If there's anybody out there who can help, it would be greatly appreciated!

6 years ago by DangerousDave

Ok, so i've found a work around. Firstly, i've jumped over to Firefox when using Weltmeister. I'm not sure why, but when using Chrome I couldn't delete these extra collision layers. In Firefox that doesn't seem to be an issue. Not consistently an issue, anyway.

Secondly, i've found that these layers are duplicated when opening another level file. I've found that by refreshing the page before and after loading a level seems to help combat this duplication/creating of new collision layers.

I'm wondering if perhaps there's an error in one of my level files that is causing this problem, but that still doesn't explain all my backed up files that are also being changed.

6 years ago by Joncom

I've seen a friend experience this issue in the past as well. We never did figure out the cause. But I wouldn't be surprised if one of his entity init functions was throwing some JavaScript error. And this error went unnoticed in the console before changes were made to the level and saved. Weird things can happen when code execution is halted by an error, yet use of the application continues...
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