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9 years ago by Justos

Looking to build a pretty strong UI system for an RPG game. What are the best options?

I was thinking html/css/js (overlayed ontop of the canvas itself) ... But I was also looking into impact++ which has some ui stuff built in.

Thanks in advance guys, I know I ask a lot here, but im just really digging the engine :)

9 years ago by Justos

Actually read the UI stuff on impact++ .. They recommend the DOM for anything complex. I think as a fulltime web dev this is the best option for me. Any input would be great though but if nobody replies il be using the DOM :)

9 years ago by m1neral

Depends your target. I use Impact++ for my game, but rely on Ejecta for deploying to iDevices, and so the DOM is not an option.

9 years ago by lTyl

If you're targeting web-browsers only, then using DOM overlays would be the better choice. If you are targeting a native mobile application for sale or distribution in an App-store, your DOM overlays will not work with the better/faster packagers, such as Ejecta or CocoonJS, so you'd have to look into other alternatives (Such as PhoneGap).

If you want something cross-platform that you can use once and deploy everywhere, you are going to have to build the UI library yourself
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