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1 decade ago by sleenee


Does anyone know how to make an entity bounce in box2D? It's a standard property of normal ImpactJS but in box2d this in called restitution. Or that is what is written here:

But I can't seem to get it to work. Also if you look at the dom, it does not seem to be there. (box2D body properties have a m_ prefix)

does anyone know how to set it directly as a property? Or is this usually simulated with the impulse function?

thanks in advance,


1 decade ago by StuartTresadern

Which version of Box2d ?

1 decade ago by sleenee

I have no idea where to find the version :), just the one Dominic has put in the physics folder on our download pages.

1 decade ago by Xatruch

on createBody() something like:
var shapeDef = new b2.CircleDef();
		shapeDef.restitution = 1;

1 decade ago by sleenee

Ok so apparently it does work but it's so hard to notice :D...i didn't notice. thanks anyway!
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