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1 decade ago in Easy Animation Sequence Plugin:


1 decade ago in ImpactJS memory management:

Yes it will load the image, but when you spawn the same entity later it won…

1 decade ago in Hitboxes based on Entity's image alpha?:


1 decade ago in Hex Collision:

Hi drhayes thanks alot for the links. Well to be honest I just have the idea…

1 decade ago in Hex Collision:

Hi thanks for the replies. @Joncom Yes Box2D is pretty good but also heavy, wa…

1 decade ago in Is this good garbage collection practice?:

Hi, yes freeing it will garbage collect it at some point but that can hurt the …

1 decade ago in Game Ideas:

Watching other peoples games. I create a list of things I would like to add/cha…

1 decade ago in Hex Collision:

Hi, does anybody knows how to make collision between hexagonals? The default co…

1 decade ago in How to temporarily disable gravity on an entity? (Box2D):

Try ## = 10; ##

1 decade ago in Querying entities by position:

you could also just add a boolean to open the door when the player collides wit…

1 decade ago in Little update to addAnim:

A clever solution, thanks!

1 decade ago in Top Down RPG Style Tile Based Grid Movement:

Nice ! (y)

1 decade ago in Impact 2.0 release date?:

Impact is an awesome HTML5 framework, and for me the best one. The only thing I…

1 decade ago in WIP: MultiSlix:

Awesome and fun game!

1 decade ago in Box2D Physics and Performance:

Yea thats the great thing about box2d, its physics. Also you can get creative w…

1 decade ago in Mixing Box 2D with default game physics:

you can set velocities on box2d ## this.body.m_linearVelocity.x = 10; ##

1 decade ago in effects.inked:

Nice demo and cool effects! I'm interested in that plugin, and don't …

1 decade ago in Space Jet is available on Chrome Store:

cool game

1 decade ago in Two variables become the same entity.:

i'm not sure if I followed right what you're saying but if you do som…

1 decade ago in [TechDemo] CrossCode - Throwing energy balls:

Really nice graphics! Awesome game!

1 decade ago in First Impact1 / HTML5 Game:

great game! I liked the music.

1 decade ago in Vector math helper class:

""_Quote from quidmonkey_ Be careful using vectors. Your natural in…

1 decade ago in Box2D Collision Plugin:

Hi quidmonkey thanks for the words. I really don't know how I can make thi…

1 decade ago in Multiplayer function:

Of course you can ;)

1 decade ago in Enemy Entity Taking Certain Amounts of Damage from Different Weapons:

You could use the check() function on your enemy entity, like: ## check: fu…

1 decade ago in Chipmunk-js plugin:

Hi guys I passed two demos from chipmunk that works on ImpactJS. One is of join…

1 decade ago in Chipmunk-js plugin:

I would gladly, but I didn't make the demo I took it from the box2d forums…

1 decade ago in Chipmunk-js plugin:

I actually find chipmunk pretty interesting, it got some awesome joints differe…

1 decade ago in [DEMO] Skeleton Jigsaw:

Nice game!

1 decade ago in Box2D Collision Plugin:

Hi paul, I had the same problem. The way quidmonkey does its collision detectio…