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1 decade ago by Burxat

Question: Is it difficult to implement multiplayer functionallity on a project?

Hello everyone!

First of all, if you don't understand what i'm saying.. maybe it's because my poor english. You can just ask, i'm not embarrassed at all :D I also want to say that i write a lot and I've put my question on top because it will be easier to you to understand what i want.

I don't know anything about Impactjs and this stuff, so i just bought this book "Introducing HTML5 Game Development" to start learning.

What i want to know is... once i've started a project, is it difficult to implement multiplayer functionallity? I've read something about the and nodejs.. also websockets.. (i don't really know what's that all about, i just don't mind about it NOW)

Well i hope you can help me with this, thanks!

Pd = great community, i hope to be the one helping out in some future! :D

1 decade ago by Jackolantern

Impact JS, Node.js and probably are the best bet for independent developers to create online multiplayer games. Or at least Node.js and are your best bet for making an online game server. The other option is to use Java, C++, C# or something else to make a server, and that requires multithreaded development and socket programming, neither of which is easy or intuitive (although Java and C# do make them easier, multithreaded programming is a beast by nature).

You should check out Hallsofvallhalla's video tutorial series on starting out with Impact JS, Node.js and It doesn't yet take you all the way through creating an MMORPG or anything that massive in scale, but with some experimenting on your own, it really does teach you almost everything you would need to know to put together a full online multiplayer game. Register an account and say "Hi!" and we can help you out with questions you have both here and on the host website of the tutorial, Indie-Resource.

1 decade ago by Burxat

Hello again!
I've already seen a lot in there, and also the videos. They seem pretty intuitive. First of all i'm going to make some games to practice, i want to master the single player experience.. so then i can go through node.js and
Can i ask impact.js realted questions at inde-resource? :P

Thanks for answering!

1 decade ago by Xatruch

Of course you can ;)

1 decade ago by Lazarus404

The backend server really depends on:

a) what logic is going to be processed on the backend.
b) what languages are you comfortable with

I've picked up Go ( in recent months and have been running with this. Building servers is a snap and I can support thousands of connected game clients with ease. Far quicker to build servers with this language than even NodeJS, if you're prepared to take the time to learn it.

My 5 cents.

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