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1 decade ago by PotHi


Hi guys!

We have been developing an HTML5 game on the mas 6 months (just on the spare time) and we finally got a demo! You can access it here:

Feedback are very welcome!


1 decade ago by Gamma

The game was fun. The graphics are flawless. I love the game. Also, I see that the character stays in the spot even after closing the browser, so that means you used local storage. Can you please share how you did that? Thanks in advance.

1 decade ago by drhayes

Very nice work. The graphics are, indeed, flawless. I love how his arms move when he's falling. I like the level design that I've seen so far, too; things seem to be climbing a ramp of complexity in a nice way.

This is personal preference, but the jumping feels unresponsive. I keep wanting to hold the jump button for longer jumps, a la Sonic the Hedgehog.

You do such a great job graphically, you should replace the loading screen with custom artwork too.

1 decade ago by RobLuk

Cool game. Reminds me of Legend of Zelda II, when you are in temples. Graphics are nice.

It would be nice if there were some basic intructions. It says "Press Jump to Start". But which one is jump? I guessed spacebar. Also took me a bit to figure out that I could 'double jump'.

1 decade ago by Xatruch

Nice game!

1 decade ago by rmasoni

Hey guys, I'm the artist.

I'm really flattered by your feedback on the graphics.

We're taking all your ideas into account for the next versions.

Thank you!

1 decade ago by eLouai

Love the games.

Some things I would do a little differently.
1) use signposts that automatically highlight what to do, like use the space bar to jump, or use space bar to jump twice.
2) also does not make sense to hit the enter key twice to go through the door, once you reach it, should automatically go through.
3) The music has some notes at too high a range, bit unpleasant to the ear.

These are minor complaints, it is still very nice, smooth and you keep wanting to see more :D
Well Done

1 decade ago by Joncom

Nice work. I enjoyed the fading around the edges. Smooth.
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