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1 decade ago by Aries

Space Jet is the new arcade space game that I have build in my school project. You can now play it on Chrome Store with a single click!

I'm very appreciate if you can give me some feedbacks from the game.

Rate and review it on Chrome Store if you like to =)

and Share it if you feel the game is worth to play =)

Thank you very much and have a nice day

Space Jet Chrome Store link:

1 decade ago by Graphikos

Nice work. I added it to chrome so when I have some more time I can play though it a bit more but I played on the first level some. Very smooth game play.

1 decade ago by Xatruch

cool game

1 decade ago by Aries

Thank you

glad to hear that =)

just update to version 2.4 for some minor bugs and control.

Hope you guys enjoy the game and have a nice day.

1 decade ago by Aries

Finally Space Jet HD is launched on App Store!

Space Jet HD is a brand new space shooting game that is brought to you by Dummies Studio. Space Jet HD has bring the fun of adventurous arcade game to iOS.

While traveling through the mysterious and dangerous outer space, you need to survive from the evil and cunning enemies. Armed yourself with powerful spacecraft and defeat the waves of enemies!

Key Features

✓ Total of 18 stages to play!
✓ Challenge different bosses in every stage!
✓ 9 different powerful spacecrafts are available for you!
✓ Level up and upgrade your stat!
✓ Connect to Facebook to get bonus for every stage!

Aim for 3 stars for every stage!

★ Kill all enemies!
★ Complete stage with full health!
★ Complete stage without getting hit!

App Store Link:
Download for free
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