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1 decade ago by Skywalker

Whenever I click in the canvas it sends the IE window to the "bottom" of my stack of windows, aka: if I have any windows open behind it, I can no longer see the IE window.

if IE is the only window open, it constantly flashes (the entire window disappears and reappears quickly)

anyone know what may be causing this?


1 decade ago by gxxaxx

Don't see this behavior myself.
I've tested it in Win7 IE9 (64bit)

I would look in your html code to see if you have anything that is different than the standard page that Dominic provides. Could be something in the html.

I have never encountered anything in the impact code that would influence the browser window.

Maybe look to see if you have javascript errors. Maybe there is something weird about how IE9 attempts to display js error panel.

Maybe someone else has seen this behavior.
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