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1 decade ago by tangxuanli

I am facing the problem on one game named bike race.
I am using weltmeister ,try to build the bike race (2d) structure.
but in weltmeister,I can only draw with px..
Can I draw a smoothly cycle with weltmeister? and how?
any guys can help me on this topic?
thank you very much.

or impact js is not suitable engine to development the bike race 2d game?
do you have some other suggestion?
thank you,

1 decade ago by Heartless49

Are you talking about creating the levels for a game, or the actual bikes themselves?

I'm sorry, I'm just a little confused by your concept.

1 decade ago by tangxuanli

hi .thanks for your reply,I have many confusion.
1:when creating levels,I just can create collision base on px.I can not draw a cycle.
2:if the bike is running into the cycle,how I can control the bike 2D animation?

1 decade ago by tangxuanli

as I check the box2d with impactjs,only collision can be handle by box2d entity without any function provided.
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