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10 years ago by Jerczu

Has anyone have any experience in creating the touch controls for the cocoon?? When I add my buttons programatically the game crashes on me every single time... What's the issue? I dont know.

 var f = document.createElement('img'); 'fire';

and I use

Crashes every single time... If I bind it to canvas though it doesnt crash...

10 years ago by alexandre

Not sure it'll help but have you checked this thread?

10 years ago by Jerczu

Yeah I did the controls crash the testing software if added this way. But I found a solution I'll pop it here once I test it properly.

10 years ago by Jerczu

The solution is to create additional canvas and draw image object onto the canvas

10 years ago by TigerJ

I have a big write up there with more coming.

My touch controls look like this:
var btn_dwn = document.createElement('img');
		btn_dwn.addEventListener("touchstart", function(){,-16,-16,{slocation:0});

10 years ago by Jerczu

Nope - it crashes the launcher for me if done this way. (iOS6)
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