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1 decade ago by GreyShock

Hi everyone!

It's possible to draw collision tiles at negative positions? I need to have ground tiles 300 pixels before and after the visible level in order to my enemies not fall away at their spawning.

I noticed that I can draw tiles beyond the visible level making a bigger grid for the collision layer, but not at position -300, 500.

I'm currently working in this game:

Sorry for my poor english :P

1 decade ago by GreyShock

Well.. I solved it with a simple condition at the monster.update();

 if(this.pos.y >= theGround)
                        this.pos.y = theGround;

Anyways, I think It would be great to count with an improved Weltmeister that allows negative positioned tiles :P

1 decade ago by alexandre

Your game looks so good. I love its cutout style. 10/10

1 decade ago by Joncom

Nice looking game :)

1 decade ago by GreyShock

Thanks! :P

My plan is to release it in the next 24 hours, with its title and game over screen and probably a submit score system for leaderboards.

If you press 'M' you can hear some fancy music. I disabled for mental sanity issues while developing :P

I'm fixing some gameplay issues with the testers feedback right now. I'll post the game at the games forum section when finished!
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