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7 years ago by Exivus

We're interested in making a flat game (no scrolling and minimal animation with "control panels" and various displays), and we'd like to know if this platform can hook into a web database with complex returns and feeds for a massive player audience at the same time?

For instance, would the client front-end be able to display data for multiple players at the same time as the data is received from the database?

7 years ago by Xander

My guess would be that you'd want some kind of Javascript backbone like Node.js or React.js and that you would probably be able to pair that with Impact.

I don't have experience with this, but my hunch says that this would be doable.

7 years ago by Joncom

@Exivus, sure. You could have your game make AJAX calls to an API that talks to your database. Or you could have your game talk to a socket server, which talks to an API or to the database directly.
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