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9 years ago by Rungo73

Hi all,

I'm targeting mobile and my game is in portrait. I want to tell players to rotate their device if theyre in landscape.

I've looked at this post where Dominic outlines what he did in X-Type. I just don't know where I should put this snippet. In my main update? in my index.html? somewhere else?

Can someone point me in the right direction?

9 years ago by jerev

You can place this in your main.js file, outside the game



var isPortrait = function() {
    return (! || window.innerHeight > window.innerWidth);

var checkOrientation = function() {    
    if( isPortrait() ) {
        // all good
       // show game, unpause if needed, startrunloop
    else {
        // display rotate message
       // Hide the game, pause the game, stoprunloop

// Listen to resize and orientationchange events
window.addEventListener( 'orientationchange', checkOrientation, false );
window.addEventListener( 'resize', checkOrientation, false );

9 years ago by Rungo73

ha ha!

Thank you, works a treat.

Much appreciated.
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