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10 years ago by Rungo73

Hi all,

I'm targeting mobile and my game is in portrait. I want to tell players to rotate their device if theyre in landscape.

I've looked at this post where Dominic outlines what he did in X-Type. I just don't know where I should put this snippet. In my main update? in my index.html? somewhere else?

Can someone point me in the right direction?

10 years ago by jerev

You can place this in your main.js file, outside the game



var isPortrait = function() {
    return (! || window.innerHeight > window.innerWidth);

var checkOrientation = function() {    
    if( isPortrait() ) {
        // all good
       // show game, unpause if needed, startrunloop
    else {
        // display rotate message
       // Hide the game, pause the game, stoprunloop

// Listen to resize and orientationchange events
window.addEventListener( 'orientationchange', checkOrientation, false );
window.addEventListener( 'resize', checkOrientation, false );

10 years ago by Rungo73

ha ha!

Thank you, works a treat.

Much appreciated.
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