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1 decade ago by culshaw

Is there a version i can download as i often work when i travel with no internet connection?

This would be great if there was a zip option, or if anyone has a quick way i can grab all the files?


1 decade ago by ape

If you're on OS X or Linux, you can use wget to mirror the docs with this command. It's not exactly server friendly (these really should be zipped up as part of the released files).

wget --cache=off --html-extension --cookies=on --glob=off --tries=3 --proxy=off -x -nc -r --level=1 -p -k --quota=100m

This will get the main "Docs" page, then step through each link it sees (but only one level deep). It'll also grab images and CSS, then rename files like "documentation" (which is actually an HTML file, not a directory) to documentation.html, then make sure everything is all linked up for local viewing.

And finally, it will only grab stuff you don't have. As far as I know it won't see that a file on the server has changed, then grab it. There's probably a wget argument for that, but it only takes a few seconds to run this fresh anyhow.
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