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1 decade ago by Philip


i have a little problem with the rendering of some backgroundMaps in Ejecta. I'm not doing anything special. Just three relative big BackgroundMaps. Have a look here:

There is nothing happening, cause i stripped everything away that wasn't necessary. In the browser everything is fine. But on Ejecta I get some performance troubles. The rendering of those three BackgroundMaps takes around 10 ms. And thats a little bit to much. The game itselfs needs some time, so this slows things down to much.

Those BackgroundMaps are rather simple, they each contain one tile that is the whole image and nothing else is activated. The tile size is 256.

When I reduce the tilesize, the rendering goes faster, But i need that images like they are.

Is there something I don't see? Or is this just a fact, that large BackgroundMaps take that much time?


1 decade ago by Philip

As I wrote this i was wondering if the same thing happens with big instances of ig.Image. And it does. So that seems to be problem with big images in general.

ok, I tinkered a little more with it and reduced the tilesize and made the BackgroundMap bigger, so everything is drawn. That makes the whole thing a little more than 2.2 ms fast. Which is good, but maybe it can go faster?
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