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9 years ago by citro1

Hi guys,

I’m assessing if I can use Ejecta for a project (certainly would love to!).

The project involves small particles, changing position, size and colour. After a few tests I found JS performance is quite ok, but the bottleneck is the rendering.
So far the fastest options I found are these:

- canvas 2d
Using drawImage with a single texture, like a spritesheet for the different colours (individual textures cause a significant slowdown). A separate render buffer, rounding values, etc. don’t seem to make a big difference. Drawing at half the size isn’t an option for design reasons.

- ThreeJS
Tried two examples with the WebGL renderer:

// About as fast as canvas 2d

// Much slower

Any suggestions how to get better performance?



9 years ago by Joncom

I'm not sure you have any other options. You really only have two: WebGL, or the Canvas. And in the case of Ejecta, I think only the Canvas.

The idea, I think, will be to do your best to keep the number as draws as low as possible (or at least low enough to maintain an acceptable framerate).

For more information on mobile development considerations with Impact:

9 years ago by Zoneh

I'd try CocoonJS if I were you. I can do things with CocoonJS that I could never do with ThreeJS or Ejecta. It's multi platform and it's so fast. So fast!
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