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1 decade ago by coreysnyder

I have an ImpactJS game that was very close to completion. You can try it out below. I just now am finding out that Ejecta / iOSImpact doesn't run a typical browser. As you can see from my game, I have a heavy usage of HTML overlays on top of the canvas for my Main Menu, Store, & other overlays. If I plan to use Ejecta, am I going to need to re-write my game to do everything inside of the canvas? If so, this is going to be very costly development wise. The game is Christmas themed and needs to go out like.. yesterday. Your thoughts? Any work-arounds for the menu portions of the game?

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

I just compiled & ran the Ejecta app. Looking at the source I'm wondering if there wouldn't be a way I could run web-view for the menus that I've already built and every time you click to play the game, it would bounce back to the canvasView. Could this be an option, or am I better off re-writing a bunch of UI in canvas?

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

Dominic, can you let me know if you've tried something like this yet? Or anyone else for that matter.

1 decade ago by Alexmtl

From what I read of Ejecta, you need to run a pure ImpactJs game for it to work (meaning the UI would be done in Impact as well).

This completely negates my ability to use ejecta since I also use regular html/javascript a lot and also make extensive use of jquery to load data from a server (jquery.ajax).

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

So Alex how do you get your games to work on iOS? I'm in the process of converting my game over to use AppMobi Direct Canvas and it requires enough changes to use DBox2D that its causing me a lot of grief. I have put in 40+ hours over the last 3 days and its not much fun. I wish I knew someone more knowledgeable on the topic to help out.

1 decade ago by Hazneliel

Whats the performance if you use Cordova phonegap to have regular html/javascript ??? Have you tried??

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

I have tried. The results are my game running at 6 FPS on my iPhone 5. It's completely unplayable. The same game using Appmobi Direct-Canvas was running at 40+ but I hadn't got everything converted over yet, so it wasn't truely the full game. But very promising. The problem is that if you use appMobi Direct-Canvas is that you run into numerous other problems in the conversion process from box2d to directbox2d. So its coming along, but very slowly. I'm going to try a version of my game, minus the menus, running in ejecta right now to see if its good performance. If it is, I might go that route. I'd much rather re-write my game to use impact-style menus than rewrite all of my game-logic.
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