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7 years ago by BlairH

Good day all,

I have been playing around with Ejecta and have been having some success with it. The learning curve quite high, but I have got all my graphics to scale on a iPhone 5 screen size.

The issue or problem that I seem to be having is I can get the touch buttons to show up on the iOS simulator no problem, however when I move it to an actual device the buttons do not show up at all. All the other graphics show up just fine, just not the touch buttons.

I have checked for loading errors in Xcode when running on the device and nothing shows up, the images seem to be loading.

So, my question is has anyone else had this come up and what did you do to get it to work.

I have searched the forum and there does not seem to be any references to my issues.

Any hints or examples would be appreciated.



7 years ago by stillen

I would check the following:
- Check the rotation settings. The game could be running in Portrait, but you think it should be in landscape, so the buttons are just draw off screen.

- Do you have any conditions to check if they should be drawn on the iPhone/desktop. I removed the detection check on my ejecta game

- Do you have the most updated ejecta code?

- Are you drawing the button as entities or just drawing them on top of everything on the game? I had issues with the layering being off before.

- Is the phone you are testing the same iOS version as your simulator you are testing. This has cause me issues on many many projects.

7 years ago by BlairH

ok, many thanks.
I was able to get it to work. I had not gone through and cleaned up my code. I had both windows and mobile code, once I cleaned out the references to Windows, and just left the mobile references, it worked.

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