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10 years ago by mimik

Is there away to play a video with Ejecta?

can we use something like this?

Theres no reference to video in the docs
createElement() supports image, canvas, audio

Is there a workaround?
Saw someone mention

Creating a video for a browser is kinda easy but for Ejecta?

10 years ago by aarocka

Well with ejecta, impact is able to interface with native api's. In theory, all one would have to do is make an obj-c class that loads a video. I ran into this problem before wondering what was the best way to do animated cut scenes.

10 years ago by mimik

guess i go and learn c then? :/

10 years ago by FelipeBudinich

(I know it's not video, but it may help someone)

For cutscenes, you can always use something like this:

You would only need to develop a javascript parser for the JSON object (inside the source code you can find a JS example).

10 years ago by mimik

than i could just make a tween or something. in game.

Got any video class laying around with this functionality? ;-)
Would be nice to have. For does who dont write C
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