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1 decade ago by kevindees

I'm having issues with the weltmeister. Every time I add an entity and change its location, after saving the entity ends up in the top left corner.

I looked at the main.js level file and the position is saved as :

"entities": [{"type":"EntityJumperPlayer","x":176,"y":136}],

When I load it is at x:0 y:0 Is anyone else having this issue?

1 decade ago by monkeyArms

Sounds like you are implementing a bunch of other code that is making that happen. Speculation, but that behavior does not occur with impact "out of the box" (at least in my experience). Look for console errors or post some code.

1 decade ago by kevindees

looks like this may have happened because i was missing the args in the init method: x, y, settings

I'll have to test it more.

1 decade ago by kevindees

ok, so it was because my init method was messed up. I needed this:

init: function(x, y, settings) {
this.parent(x, y, settings);
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