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9 years ago by Danb

I've just started working with an artist and we're trying to settle on art for our game.

Is there a common tilesize that works well for impact & weltmeister?

Looking around it seems 8x8,16x16,32x32 are common just wondered if this for a particular reason



9 years ago by dungeonmaster

I can just advise to stick with 2^n if you want to port the game to some openGL based framework (like cocoonJS). So 8, 16, 32 or 64 are just fine.

Other than that everything is OK I guess.

9 years ago by Danb

Thanks for that dm, makes sense

With regard the relationship between the player entity sprite and the tiles, are they usually of some ratio e.g. Player is 32x64 tiles are 32x32
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