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10 years ago by BobMeads

Was having issues with entity menu but I figured it out.

10 years ago by Joncom

What issue were you having, and how did you figure it out?

10 years ago by BobMeads

I watched the videos of creating the pong project, and somehow got the impression that the entity/tile menu was based on right click, which I could never get to work.

Watching the Weltmeister video I finally understood the spacebar to be the way to call this menu.

Finally, I also saw in the documentation the list of keyboard shortcuts for weltmeister.

I have to say that using the spacebar to display a menu is not really intuitive.
however I understand why right click isn't a good option; magic mice on Mac don't have a easy right click.

I saw that these shortcuts can be changed so I will do that next.

the movies are great, btw.
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