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1 decade ago by FragOnly

I was wondering if it is possible to put a Facebook like button on an iOS app in ejecta?

It looks like its just the canvas so I was wondering how other people were getting around this?


1 decade ago by stillen

if( window.ejecta ){
    var OpenUrl = new Ejecta.OpenUrl('fb:yourpagetolike');
    if(OpenUrl.isUrlSafeToOpen() == "true"){
  console.log('facebook not installed')};

This plugin checks if the phone can open another application. The code above will check if the phone can open up "yourpagetolike" in Facebook. If it can, then phone will open up Facebook on your fan page.

1 decade ago by FragOnly

Thanks for the reply!

I was thinking of going this route, its good to see that there is a plugin that kind of helps the way.

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