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8 years ago by crlsrivera

Hey guys!

I'm new to developing games and I'd like some tips on how to most efficiently create the media/png files for my game. Are you guys building each png frame by frame using something like photoshop/illustrator? Or is there a simpler tool to use for building these 2d images.


8 years ago by gxxaxx


I got started with making tiles years ago when nice tools just weren't around. Consequently, I'm a photoshop guy. I use it for all my graphics tiles. I'm sure there are better tools now. But this works for me. Stopped upgrading Photoshop at version 7. Didn't like the $$$ every year or so. And 7 does the job just fine for me.

The one thing that really makes it work is the Filter -> Other -> Offset. That let's me shift the image then use stamp and other tools to fix our the tile joins with itself.


8 years ago by yatayata

pixen is an app for the mac that seems tailored to making bitmap graphics. confess that i also use photoshop tho mostly...

8 years ago by crlsrivera

Thanks, guys! I'll play with the offset filter.

8 years ago by alexandre

Pixen is awesome. I thought it long dead, no longer maintained, but it turns out that it's been reborn and is now available here.

Some bugs remain but overall a very useful tool.
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