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6 years ago by SlotGamer

Hi Guys,

I haven't touched my website in over a year but suddenly the ImpactJS font drawing is not working correctly anymore. This only happens on my Android phones (both of them) and it is broken with multiple different browsers. It works fine on my desktop PCs (multiple browsers) and iPad. But like I mentioned, this has been working for years without any changes whatsoever on my end.

The issue presents itself by either not displaying text, displaying random text characters, or displaying the entire alphabet as seen in the original font image itself.

Here's an example of how I call it: 'Press', this.SpinButtonText.x, this.SpinButtonText.y, window.ig.Font.ALIGN.LEFT );

Here is the game where it happens. Just go to the menu/rules screen (on an Android phone) to see it easily:

(Note: The text that DOES look correct is actually a texture and not drawn with the font code so please ignore that)

Before I dive into this, any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

6 years ago by Joncom

Looks like your game was baked with ImpactJS version 1.20. Maybe try updating to version 1.24? There's been many bug fixes.
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