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1 decade ago by DavidWeber

Has anyone else had trouble with using the Font class to draw text when using CocoonJS on mobile devices? (iOS and Android)

I get no errors and my game runs fine, but no text is visible. I am using an Arial font generated by the ImpactJS font tool.

1 decade ago by DavidWeber

Just an update, I switched to Quid Monkeys awesome Native Fonts plugin and it works great on desktop and mobile devices now.

1 decade ago by jbubriski

I have this problem too, I haven't tried out that font plugin but I will be soon.

1 decade ago by TigerJ

I had an issue on Samsung devices where the fonts would scramble my text. After hours/days of looking into the issue I rewrote my port using the context for fonts. However I eventually came across this post that had some good info on what was probably going on.

This may or may not be your issue, I know this is a couple months old, so if you resolved your problem please share :)

1 decade ago by tkorkalainen

I had the same problem and this dominic's suggestion fixed the issue for me:
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