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1 decade ago by aarocka

I want to make a custom loading screen. Basically, I made an animation in flash and exported it to canvas using Google Swiffy. I really don't know how to implement this. I looked at the impact loading screen plugin and am totally confused. I also want to be able to make cut scenes using this same process. Any ideas?

1 decade ago by Graphikos

Things aren't so simple when it comes to integrating two stand-alone products.

You are probably better off overlaying a standalone canvas running the animation over the top of Impact or otherwise shuffling back and forth to do "cut scenes" in that way. That's assuming you have ways to control the animation with javascript as well as have a callback of some sort when the animation is done.

1 decade ago by aarocka

Massive EDIT:
I found out that google swiffy uses an external js lib and does not utilize canvas. It uses svg and css. With that being said, the custom loading screen used in biolab uses canvas to draw a logo. My cut scenes are a little too elaborate for me to custom code in canvas or use Ai to canvas plugin. That leaves me with Flash to Swiffy. I think CS6 allows you to export to canvas or something. How would I layer canvas? Also, is there any better way of doing the cut scenes/loading screens?

1 decade ago by mimik

1 decade ago by aarocka

Quote from mimik

They don't use canvas, they are similar to swiffy. I'm just so confused so I am going to rephrase my questions and situations. What I want is to be able to animate something, like an intro or a cut scene. In biolab, they used a plugin called Ai to canvas. They built the logo in illustrator, exported it to canvas, drew the logo, then used more ctx to make the logo shake. I want to be able to have animation that can be triggered when ever. In my case I would like the preloader to run, then run some into animation, then bring us to the menu screen, or have the animation run while the game is loading. I would also be able to trigger animated cut scenes.

Now normally in games, cut scenes are pre-rendered video files. Naturally, I thought of making my animation in flash and exporting h.264 files. But there are some issues with that. The first one is that not every browser supports h.264. The second issue is size. The game would become very large. Now size really isn't the issue because the game will not be hosted on a web server. What I mean by this is that I will probably be selling this on steam. In order to do this, I will need to package it in a desktop application using adobe air/flex (I know, html5 game in a flash container) or titanium desktop. The third issue is that I will be packaging the game for iOS using Ejecta, and correct me if I'm wrong, Ejecta does not support video.

With all of this in mind, I thought about what my options are. I could create classes in obj-c to play videos and then link them to javascript classes. This would probably be the best option because I could put a video player over the pre-loader while the game loads, and trigger video cut scenes. But I really don't know how to do that. I then thought about using something like google swiffy or edge, but we just learned that they rely on external javascript libs and don't actually use canvas, they use css3 and svg which I know is not fully supported by Ejecta.

I think I'm going to create a new thread asking how should I do these animations.
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