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1 decade ago by Manuel

Hi, I created a game and already got on internet mail perfect in all browsers but when trying to run it in internet explorer does not work, prints these errors in the error console.

SCRIPT438: Object does not support property or method 'addEventListener'
impact.js, Line 345 Character 4
SCRIPT5022: Exception thrown and not collected
impact.js, Line 170 Character 4

But I do not understand and I have no idea why this happens and I have not changed the core of impact. If you could help me soon to be of much help


1 decade ago by drewhjava

What version of IE?

1 decade ago by Manuel


1 decade ago by IndulgeTech

I'm getting the problem too, but it seems to be because the browser is in IE8 compatibility mode.

If I switch to Document Mode: IE9 Standards then I get this error instead: SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method '_defineSetter_' system.js, line 36 character 3

The client wants to go live soon so I need to get this fixed asap.

1 decade ago by xoriuz

hello, i have the same problem too.. i use IE8.. any fix to this issue?

1 decade ago by dominic

IE8 does not support HTML5 and can't run Impact. It's missing all of the important stuff: <canvas>, <audio> and a speedy JS engine.

You may want to look into Google's Chrome Frame plugin for those poor users that can't upgrade.

1 decade ago by IndulgeTech

Both my errors were in IE9, the first one was in IE9 in IE8 compatibility mode which is not surprising, but this error: SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'defineSetter' system.js, line 36 character 3 is IE9 in IE9 mode.

1 decade ago by dominic

Does this happen with the example games from your download page as well?

system.js doesn&039;t use #__defineSetter__ anywhere. The only place it&039;s used is in sound.js - and only as a fallback when the standard #defineProperty is not supported - however, IE9 supports this standard.

Maybe your page is in quirks mode? Check in the IE9 dev tools that the "Browser Mode" and the "Document Mode" is set to IE9. If the document mode is in "quirks" by default, try including the html5 doctype at the top of your html file. See the index.html from one of the example games.

1 decade ago by IndulgeTech

The browser is in the IE9 document mode.

Here's the game url:

part of system.js:

	init: function( canvasId, fps, width, height, scale ) {
		this.fps = fps;
		this.clock = new ig.Timer();
		this.canvas = ig.$(canvasId);
		this.resize( width, height, scale );
		this.context = this.canvas.getContext('2d');  // this is line 37

What is ig.$ ?

I've got jqMobi on the page. Could that be causing a conflict?

1 decade ago by IndulgeTech


I managed to fix my problem by removing the lib/impact folder provided by appMobi, and replaced it with the lib/impact folder from the from this site. Then I removed all traces of appMobi from the rest of the app and it works in IE!
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