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6 years ago by CaueCR

Hello again! I've been searching the forum trying to find a way to tween entities, finally I've found this plugin here:

It was able to tween perfectly my entities, but the interactions that involved the tweened entities are now gone. They don't work anymore!

Can anyone help me with this? I really need the help.

Thank you for your time reading this!

6 years ago by Ash_Blue

What do you mean interactions (collisions, input, ect). With a little more info on the specific issue I'm sure we can help.

6 years ago by CaueCR

Oh, sorry for that, I forgot to mention them.

The entities normally would check for colision with the mouse coordinates after a left click. Then if entities with the same settings are both clicked, a success animation would start.

The problem is, after the tween finishes, the tweened entities do not react to the mouse left click anymore.

Knowing that, I would say it's the mouse input that doesn't work anymore.

I hope my problem is clearer now, sorry again!

6 years ago by CaueCR

Oh, and I'm using the tween to make the entities enter the game screen. They enter the screen with an animation, and the user clicks them to go to the next level.

6 years ago by Ash_Blue

What does your tween equation look like to move the entities? Also you're modifying the pos.x and pos.y with the tween in update I'm guessing?

6 years ago by zazou

i'm having a similar problem, the plugin seems the tween the entities but i can no longer use the keyboard to control the tweened entities movement. anyone have a fix for this by any chance? would be very useful to have an operational tween plugin!

6 years ago by zazou

I'm using the plugin like this in my EntityPlayer init function:

this.tween( {pos: {x: 5, y:5}}, 2, {"loop":ig.Tween.Loop.Reverse}).start();
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