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8 years ago by Gamma

Sorry if I the above question didn't make any sense, but how in the world do people make mini-scenes in their games, I like this aspect because it tells the player what's going on. An example, if you don't know what I mean, is at the bottom.

Example 1:
(You can see in the beginning that the enemy is flying up in the air at first and sends out an evil army, basically this developer placed a scene before anyone could start playing, that's what I want to know how to do.)

8 years ago by Datamosh

I use a plugin for bots ( is quite immature, but I can define callbacks when events start or end events scheduled in the entities.

8 years ago by Hareesun

Typically these are described as cutscenes. There are loads of different ways to achieve this, I have used an entity that toggles the game state from and in turn I can disable player control. When planning a cutscenes and/or game my advice to you is plan what you think you can develop.

For instance, if you're having trouble having massive cutscenes, maybe rethink your plan to have no cutscenes and a little story with words and music. The Zelda games achieve this perfectly. :)

8 years ago by Gamma

Thank you Datamosh. And Hareesun, thanks for the tip. I meant to say cut-scene (woops), but your right I should plan them out.
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