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6 years ago by SomeT

I just purchased this engine, it looks a bit dead on the site, is it still in use by people, still in active development? I just ask because I am a bit concerned that when I purchased it I did not recieve anything by email, no download link or anything like that, does it usually take a while to recieve?

6 years ago by stevethedev

The site is a little dead yes but the developer is working on a new version.

I am still using it though I don't post my games etc or maintain an active presence on the forum.

I can't speak for your purchase but when I conacted the developer a few months back I got back replies overnight.

6 years ago by SomeT

Don’t look like I am getting a response so I just requested a refund.

6 years ago by dominic

Sorry about that. The automatic payment verification on my server failed while I was on vacation - hence the long delay :/
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