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10 years ago by dungeonmaster


I'm developing a game for android and I've chosen cocoonjs. This is my typical 'run' cycle:

1 - Make some changes on the code(with Komodo edit).
2 - Test it on browser (with XAMMP installed)
3 - bake
4 - zip html, media and game-min.js
5 - upload zip to an ftp server (with Filezilla)
6 - On cocoons launcher app in android, type the zips adress and download
7 - Run (Finally!)

Do you have any solutions to automate 3..5 ?

10 years ago by Datamosh

Create a batch file to bake, zip and copy to FTP.
Copy to your tools folder.

Example for C:\MyProject\tools\batch.bat (untested):
@echo off
zip -r "C:\MyProject\" "C:\MyProject"
ftp -s:ftp.txt

Example for C:\MyProject\tools\ftp.txt (untested):



put C:\MyProject\


More info:

10 years ago by tkorkalainen

My workflow was like this:

1 - Make code changes.
2 - Test on browser (XAMMP installed on dev computer).
3 - Run index.html on CocoonJS launcher on Android device (my dev computer and Android devices are on same wireless network).

10 years ago by dungeonmaster

@Datamosh: Thanks a lot. However I recently changed to Mac. Any ideas on how to do it on OSX? Sorry for not mentioning it in the post.

@tkokalainen: That sounds simple enough. How can you load index.html from your xammp? With IP address?

10 years ago by tkorkalainen

@dungeonmaster: My operating system was Windows 8 but maybe principles are same on OSX. IP address is one option but I used computer name because it was shorter to type :) If I remember correctly I did not make changes to XAMPP config, I just created a gamename directory under xampp/htdocs directory and used URL "http://computername/gamename/index.html" in CocoonJS launcher.
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