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1 decade ago by f0rmiga

Hi, I bought an Impact licence and I would like to link it to Intel XDK. How do I do this?

1 decade ago by dominic

I guess the XDK is in a somewhat broken(?) state currently, as the acquisition by Intel changed a lot of things under the hood.

I was told that the current XDK provides an option to specify your Impact folder - beyond that I don't have any insight in how the XDK now works with Impact. Please ask the support at Intel for the details.

You may also want to have a look at the alternatives:
Ejecta - iOS only
CocoonJS - Android and iOS

If this all doesn't work out for you, I can also offer a refund for your Impact license.

Sorry for the trouble :/

1 decade ago by stevenbrent

Hi, Dominic -- it does seem like XDK is a mess at the moment. Having just purchased Impact and liking it a lot so far, I'm not looking for a refund but the lack of x-platform packaging is going to be a problem once I get a bit further. Have you actually tried using CocoonJS yet? If so, please share your experiences with it. Thanks for your hard work and your help.

1 decade ago by IntelTyler

Hey All,

Sorry about any inconvenience our transition may have caused you. The XDK should be fine now.

After you download the Intel XDK, to go to the Game Dev XDK, select the dropdown box that allows you to pick the app you want to work on and click the button at the top that says "change mode"n that's located next to "Impact Game Apps". This will put the XDK in Game Dev mode.
To use the weltmeister, just click the welt button at the top right and browse to the weltmeister.html file on your computer. From there you should be all set. Please post in our forums if you have any issues



1 decade ago by stevenbrent

Thanks, Tyler - I will give it another shot as soon as possible!

1 decade ago by stevenbrent

I downloaded the XDK and tried it again, no change.

1 decade ago by Ollie

I think I have the same problem, have you made any progress? I can't find any way to use my Impact license with XDK.


1 decade ago by Ollie

This page seems to do it:

1 decade ago by Ollie

Nope that doesn't work, any ideas?

1 decade ago by Ollie

This did it. I filled in my email and last 4 digits of my Impact license and it's working

1 decade ago by IntelTyler

I'm glad you found a way for it to work! I'll be sure to post this URL to anyone who is getting the same problem.

This is a bug I'm reporting to our XDK engineers, really sorry for the delay in feedback. I am making sure I add my RSS reader on my new comp so it doesn't take me this long to post back.

1 decade ago by stevenbrent

Hi, guys -- thanks to Ollie for the suggestion. I was able to use this method to 'purchase' pro. Now, on to see if that fixes my XDK woes!

1 decade ago by stevenbrent

Alright, I am in! Now, on to see what this thing can actually do :-)
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