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1 decade ago by OMATASE

I think I've read the Impact docs like 20 times but I wanted to ask this question in case this isn't something that would have been covered in the docs.

I've reached the next stage in UI development for my game and I'm replacing some more utilitarian graphics (debug stuff) with shininess.

What I'm working out right now is how I can make a selected entity stand out differently than other entities. I can do this quite easily with more spritesheet frames or additional image overhead in general but I was thinking with a bit more creativity I could do it with no additional bandwidth overhead (e.g. downloading more images, I've got plenty of CPU / Memory resource leeway) as long as Impact has features that would support this.

Some of the ideas I have had include shading some entities and not others or drawing some images with a different tint.

Is this something someone has played with in Impact? Does anyone have other ideas?


1 decade ago by PartTimeJohnny

Looking for something similar, some sort of alpha overlay capability / simple drawing api. Was looking into Raphael (, could perhaps make an interesting plugin. Anyone find / have something similar that might work in Impact?
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