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1 decade ago by danicor


I'm working on an application that includes several games developed with ImpactJS. In the application there is a login page that must authenticate with a server (XML-RPC), a loading page, the game one and a final page for sending results.

I developed the application with Backbone (MVC, HTML5 and CSS) and ImpactJS used only for games (game menu, game and show results). Is it right or would have been better to do the whole application with ImpactJS?

Thanks to all

1 decade ago by Joncom

You could make an all-canvas ImpactJS app that handles login/authentication, but HTML/JavaScript libraries are already pretty good at that. Unless you have a reason to go "pure canvas", feel free to use any libraries or tools that can make development faster/easier. One such reason might be that you want to make an iOS app, in which case you should go 100% canvas, because that's how Ejecta works.
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