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7 years ago by Wake

Hi there,

This is a question from a total noob programmer. Also, i`m not even a programmer, but i want to try some framework to start to make games. I`m an animator but i really want to do some stuff for myself and publish my games. So, i understand that i need to learn how to program first, and i´m reading some books and also, doing the codecademy javascript classes.

The reason of my inclination to try ImpactJS is because i don´t want to work with an non programming engine, because i really want to learn how to code. I can do stuffs in construct or Stencyl, for example, but i don´t feel that i´m learning.

So my question is, can i do some stuffs with a noob javascript knowledge, plus the ImpactJS documentation, to learn on the way? or you recommend a higher knowledge of programming before start with a framework?

By the way,my other reason to choose ImpactJs, is because there's a lot of documentation, and have a really active forum. Plus the level editor and i think that spend 99 bucks will give me more incentive to learn ahahaha.

Thanks a lot for read this and excuse my english!


7 years ago by Joncom

ImpactJS is one of the simpler engines, which makes it a decent choice for someone who is just starting to learn how to program. Completion of the JavaScript course from Codecademy is probably enough foundation to start making simple games. Start small. Maybe follow a tutorial or two. And feel free to ask questions if you get stuck.

7 years ago by Wake

Thanks Joncom for the answer!
Actually i test the engine on a friend's computer with the licence. In a couple of hours, without know programming (i just know how to do stuffs with if/else for now), i make a map, a character controlled via keyboard that walk right, left and also jump. Maybe is such a simple start but that was incredible satisfactory for me, an incredible feeling. So i will buy the engine for me and start to make tiny games to learn and i hope share some code in the future and make questions on forums.

Thanks again for your answer!
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