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10 years ago by BennyT

Currently working on a game where there are certain items that can be equiped by either the player entity OR the enemy at any given time. Once either entity owns/equips it, it will only become available again once it has been dropped (either by choice or due to an attack).

What is the best way to execute this:
- Have the player/enemy entity have the collidesWith function check if the collision is with the item entity
- Have the item entity check to see whether or not it is a player or enemy entity and assign that entity as its "owner"

The trouble I am having at the moment is that I can get the player to pick it up no problems using the first concept, but the enemy won't pick it up or even register the collision.

I am also using Impact-Bootstrap by Jesse Freeman if that helps (or anyone has experience with it and this particular problem)

10 years ago by Joncom

If you want to know why your enemies aren't interacting with items.
Please share enemy.js and item.js ...
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