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8 years ago by razare2016

I would push F12 on Chrome, and then right click the reload, deleting all my cache, and all the javascript would still be loaded in cache.

I also tried deleting cache from history in Chrome to no avail.

So the only way I can develop is by making a whole new directory for every change I make, so that Chrome doesn't reference cache.

What is going wrong? Anyone know. I have started to disable cache, but I haven't tested that heavily, what little I've done suggests this is not working either.

Is there a way to force Chrome cache out of the computer records entirely, without relying on Chrome? Like editing a file somewhere?

Could this be an administrator privilege only or something so I have to run Chrome as admin?


8 years ago by AndrewMast

Have you tried CTRL+F5 or SHIFT+F5?


8 years ago by razare2016

I believe I did, yes, I will try some more tonight at it.

8 years ago by razare2016

thanks, it's working today, ctrl+F5 with disabling the cache must have changed something in how it works

8 years ago by razare2016

Nevermind, it seems it stops working after working for a bit on the project.

Works at first, but then stops.

8 years ago by razare2016

It's just some ultra-bug in Chrome, but I can't find anything else online where someone had the same problem.

Very odd. I imagine a full computer restart fixes it. But that's not very helpful, I even tried deleting the cache files manually, but Chrome keeps hidden backups somewhere.

8 years ago by Joncom

Hit F12, which brings up the JavaScript console. Then find a button that looks like "3 dots". Click it, and choose "settings". Then under the "General" section, check a box that says "Disable cache (while DevTools is open)".

From now on, keep the JavaScript console open while you're developing. You won't have the issue again.

8 years ago by razare2016

Thanks Joncom... it's probably great advice, but I think my Chrome must be busted. :(
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