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1 decade ago by Vidd

Hi, I'm following the example from the HTML5 Game Development book that covers making a game in Impact.

However, despite sticking to the code, I've noticed the player seems to shudder or jitter when moving, as if it moves back or something for a frame. It doesn't affect the zombies or bullets, but it is noticeable when jumping as well.

Has anyone else come across something like this before?

1 decade ago by Vidd

Figured out what it was on a hunch. The book said to put the camera code before the this.parent() whereas the comments in the template say to put any new logic after.

Fingers crossed this is actually it, but I'd appreciate any input.

1 decade ago by DanT

Thanks Vidd, I'm just starting but had the same problem. Wasn't going to worry about it for a while but this fixed it. Glad I stumbled upon this post.

1 decade ago by Thumbsupguy

I'm glad I stumbled upon this post as well. My character entity had that jittery movement when moving left, right, or jumping on a treadmill side-scrolling level. Moving this.parent() in the update function after the code that controlled the camera movement fixed the problem. Thanks Vidd!

1 decade ago by jessefreeman

Someone just pointed this thread out to me on Twitter. I hadn't heard anyone bring this up before but I think I remember seeing something strange when I got the game running on iOS. I will go back over the code and check it out. Thanks for bringing it up on here.

1 decade ago by taddeimania

Thread delivers. Op mentions an error in a book - author shows up. I love the internet.

1 decade ago by Graphikos

The jittery/choppy movement "issue" was identified 2 years ago. One of the first gotchas I came across while developing with impact.
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