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1 decade ago by Imran

Hey guys!

As a relative novice to the entire game development scene, what do you recommend as the "core competencies" with regards to programming languages that one should know before developing on Impact.

With that in mind...what should I learn first, and do you have any recommendations as to books to read that will facilitate said knowledge?


1 decade ago by ape

Javascript is of course a must as it's the language Impact is written in. It's probably the easiest to get started with as well since it's built into your browser.

The basics of Javascript are also pretty easy to wrap your head around.

I'd recommend sticking to scripting languages to begin with as well. Ruby (not to be confused with Rails, which is a framework that runs on Ruby) is pretty easy to get into and understand. I understand that Python has a pretty low barrier as well.

If you want to move beyond JS+HTML5 games you're probably going to want to have a good handle on C and Objective-C (which is a subset of C). That is, of course, if you have any interest in building games for iOS.

1 decade ago by Imran

Hey Ape - thanks!

I'm currently knee deep in learning JavaScript, so we'll see how it goes!
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