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9 years ago by Asingh1313

Hi, I'm making endless running type game. currently I've only one level which is set to repeat throughout the game. Now I wanted to change the level after running some distance. So far I tried directly loading another level with loadLevel method but it is directly spawning background map top of the screen and i wanted new level to apear like moving from right to left.
How should i add new level so that it apear like moving from right to left on screen..

9 years ago by stillen

This plugging would work.

You can have this load the same level over and over again endlessly. Then you can override the "getNextLevel function" to add another level after you required checkpoint or time condition.

9 years ago by Asingh1313

Hi @stillen thanks for plugin but it is not working for me.from the documentation on github It seems it require same tilesize for all layers of level but in my game layers have different tilesize.
I tried this plugin but its causing empty space in background. Well thanks, I'm thinking of someother way.

9 years ago by Asingh1313

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