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7 years ago by afflicto

in my main.js I load levels via JSON. ( I set the wm config to save as JSON instead of module)

Now, if I have the level data parsed as JSON.
I need something like;

Is there such a function?
I need to save the levels as JSON because I'm using it on the server-side (I'm making a multiplayer game, yes)

thanks in advance.

7 years ago by dominic accepts a js object. To parse a JSON string, use the native JSON API:
var levelObject = JSON.parse( jsonString );
this.loadLevel( levelObject );

The usual module wrapper around levels just ensures that the files can be loaded and are ready before the game starts. The object you pass to loadLevel() is always a plain js object, not a module.

7 years ago by afflicto

Alright, thanks :)

7 years ago by icydee

I would be interested in talking to you about how you are doing your multi-player game, I have been investigating impactjs for this too.

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